Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
Melobasis abnormis   Carter, 1923
subfamily  Buprestinae » tribe  Melobasini » subtribe  Melobasina
Melobasis  species group: abnormis
Melobasis abnormis  Distinctive features

Surface of elytra glabrous and irregularly rugose, appearing wrinkled. Short, broad convex shape. Drab bronze-silver colouration.


Although attributed to SA on the Australian Fauna Directory, no definite records from SA have been ascertained. Given its occurrence in north-western Victoria, (and the Holotype specimen attributed to WA), it is regarded as a likely candidate for SA.

SA Regions¹:  ?
Australian States:  WASA?VICQLD
Host plant notes

Wilson 1936 reported cutting a single dead adult of this species from the trunk of a 'sandalwood tree' in 1922 on the shores of a salt lake in the centre of the Little Desert to the south of Kiata, Vic. There is a corresponding specimen in the National Museum of Victoria (from Linga) and its identity is not in doubt; based on its common name, the breeding host is presumed to be Santalum acuminatum.

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EA: Eastern, EP: Eyre Peninsula, FR: Flinders Ranges, GT: Gairdner-Torrens, KI: Kangaroo Island, LE: Lake Eyre, MU: Murray, NL: Northern Lofty, NU: Nullarbor, NW: North-Western, SE: South-Eastern, SL: Southern Lofty, YP: Yorke Peninsula