Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
Castiarina guttata   (Blackburn, 1890)
subfamily  Buprestinae » tribe  Stigmoderini » subtribe  Stigmoderina
Castiarina  species group: straminea
Castiarina guttata  Distinctive features

Similar to C. viridolinea with straw-coloured elytra but differs in lacking the metallic green sutural strip, and in being sexually dichromic with males coppery instead of green on head, pronotum and ventral side.


This is an endemic SA species known only from the fringes of the Southern Mt Lofty Ranges area. In describing C. viridolinea which had been confused with this species, Barker 1986 commented that he was only aware of the early type specimens for C. guttata in the Britsish Museum and drew attention to the lack of specimens in Australian collections. In his later treatment Barker 2006a cited several old SA Museum collections but concluded that species was possibly now extinct due to vegetation clearance.

SA Regions¹:  SL
Australian States:  SA
Southern South Australia distribution
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Adult activity records for Castiarina guttata  (total of 2 beetles)
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EA: Eastern, EP: Eyre Peninsula, FR: Flinders Ranges, GT: Gairdner-Torrens, KI: Kangaroo Island, LE: Lake Eyre, MU: Murray, NL: Northern Lofty, NU: Nullarbor, NW: North-Western, SE: South-Eastern, SL: Southern Lofty, YP: Yorke Peninsula