Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
Castiarina nullarborica   Barker, 1996
subfamily  Buprestinae » tribe  Stigmoderini » subtribe  Stigmoderina
Castiarina  species group: sexplagiata
Castiarina nullarborica  Distinctive features

Elytra yellow with red lateral margin (Barker 2006a), approaching the colouration of C. sexplagiata from eastern Australia.


Only known in SA from the allotype specimen which has the general location 'Nullarbor Plain'. However there are specimens that approach this species amongst problematic material formerly assigned to C. vanderwoudeae from the Flinders Ranges and nearby areas. Some of these have a suggestion of the two-toned elytral background, being somewhat yellow-orange medially with the margins a more reddish dirty orange. These may represent intergrades with C. nullarborica, but they also have similarities with other species in the C. sexplagiata group, and are treated here as a separate entity, C. sp. Flinders Ranges (q.v.).

SA Regions¹:  NU
Australian States:  WASA
¹ LegendregionsSA State Herbarium regions (map)
EA: Eastern, EP: Eyre Peninsula, FR: Flinders Ranges, GT: Gairdner-Torrens, KI: Kangaroo Island, LE: Lake Eyre, MU: Murray, NL: Northern Lofty, NU: Nullarbor, NW: North-Western, SE: South-Eastern, SL: Southern Lofty, YP: Yorke Peninsula