Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
Castiarina rediviva   Barker, 1990
subfamily  Buprestinae » tribe  Stigmoderini » subtribe  Stigmoderina
Castiarina  species group: decemmaculata
Castiarina rediviva   Adult images
Castiarina rediviva, PL0304B, male, on Hysterobaeckea behrii, EP, 9.3 × 3.0 mm Castiarina rediviva, PL0304B, on Hysterobaeckea behrii, EP, 9.3 × 3.0 mm Castiarina rediviva, PL0304A, female, on Hysterobaeckea behrii, EP, 12.1 × 4.4 mm Castiarina rediviva, PL0304B, PL0304A, male and female, EP Castiarina rediviva, PL0301A, female, EP, 10.3 × 3.8 mm Castiarina rediviva, PL0304A, female, on Hysterobaeckea behrii, EP, 12.1 × 4.4 mm
10.9 mm
3.8 mm
Measurements (mm)
9.3 – 10.65
n = 311.4
10.3 – 12.4
n = 5
10.05 – 10.55
n = 211.3
10.85 – 12.1
n = 3
3 – 3.7
n = 34.0
3.8 – 4.4
n = 5
Legend  L1length from clypeus/frons to elytral apex (mean, range, sample size)
L2length from anterior of edge of eyes to elytral apex
Wmaximum width with elytra fully closed
Castiarina rediviva  Distinctive features

Elytra background yellow with orange margin; ventral side yellow Barker 1990. SA forms being referred to this species here (on this website) have the elytra background all orange.


SA specimens with an all-orange elytral background are not a good fit for any of the species descriptions given in Barker 1990 for what may be termed 'the Castiarina elderi sub-group' of the C. decemmaculata species group.

They have been placed here under C. rediviva rather than under C. diversa due to their larger size. In Barker's account both those species have the elytral background yellow with orange margin, their ventral side yellow, and have a similar shaped aedeagus, but C. diversa as described is a substantially smaller beetle. If the size difference is shown to be unsupported, then C. rediviva may need to be sunk within C. diversa which is an older name.

Alternatively, the SA orange forms might be considered as a colour variant of C. creta, but that seems less preferable, since C. creta as currently known has a very limited distribution and its definition is also unclear.

SA Regions¹:  NUEP
Australian States:  WASA
South Australian occurrences
LegendP.J.Lang collection vouchered records
other private collection or museum specimens, or sightings
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Adult activity records for Castiarina rediviva  (total of 14 beetles)
2 4
3 3
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
live emerged adults, count > median value of 3 per quarter month
live emerged adults, count <= median value of 3
live non-emerged adults only, for that quarter month
number of active beetles for that quarter month
Adult host plants
beetles sites SA regions¹ family position on host plant
Legendbeetlescount of beetles collected from, or sighted on, host plant taxon
sitescount of major sites (unique 10 km grid cells +/- some distinct approximate localities)
Plant names in green are hyperlinked to a matching host species page with plant photos.
Plant family
Code beetles % host plant taxa
M Myrtaceae 6 43% 4
S Scrophulariaceae 6 43% 2
L Lamiaceae 2 14% 1
Position on adult host
on flower(s)115
on flowering plant32
¹ LegendregionsSA State Herbarium regions (map)
EA: Eastern, EP: Eyre Peninsula, FR: Flinders Ranges, GT: Gairdner-Torrens, KI: Kangaroo Island, LE: Lake Eyre, MU: Murray, NL: Northern Lofty, NU: Nullarbor, NW: North-Western, SE: South-Eastern, SL: Southern Lofty, YP: Yorke Peninsula
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