Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
Pseudanilara sp. Bronze flat  
subfamily  Buprestinae » tribe  Curidini » subtribe  Neocurina
Pseudanilara sp. Bronze flat   Adult images
Pseudanilara sp. Bronze flat, PL5604A, female, SE, 5.1 × 2.1 mm
5.1 mm
2.5 mm
Measurements (mm)
4.35 – 5.5
n = 85.2
4.1 – 6.8
n = 21
4.3 – 5.45
n = 85.1
4.05 – 6.6
n = 21
1.7 – 2
n = 82.8
1.55 – 17
n = 21
Legend  L1length from clypeus/frons to elytral apex (mean, range, sample size)
L2length from anterior of edge of eyes to elytral apex
Wmaximum width with elytra fully closed
Pseudanilara sp. Bronze flat  Distinctive features

A relatively small species, rather shallow in profile and flat dorsally. Predominantly dark grey-bronze above and dark grey-blue(-violet) ventrally, with the inter-metacoxal abdominal process only weakly differentiated, often by (weak) golden reflections. Hairs on the frons and elsewhere are very inconspicuous, short and appressed. This species has a distinctive aedeagus with the distal section of the parameres projecting laterally outwards as (yellowish-)orangey brown wing-like flanges.


This species broadly conforms with the original description of Pseudanilara dubia by Carter 1926 which he based on two specimens from Queensland and two from Beverley in southwestern WA.
However, Carter's description is too brief for this to be conclusive, and in any case, I have examined the two Beverley syntype specimens at the SA Museum and they at least, do not match this taxon, having a very distinctively shaped pronotum, approaching that of Notographus. It is still possible that the Queensland syntypes may match, but until they can be examined, using this phrase name appears the best option.

There is considerable variation in the specimens included under this phrase name. Some are more dark grey above and less colourful below, and may prove to be another taxon.

Australian States:  SA+?
South Australian occurrences
LegendP.J.Lang collection vouchered records
other private collection or museum specimens, or sightings
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Adult activity records for Pseudanilara sp. Bronze flat  (total of 7 beetles)
1 1 1
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
live emerged adults, count > median value of 1 per quarter month
live emerged adults, count <= median value of 1
live non-emerged adults only, for that quarter month
number of active beetles for that quarter month
Adult host plant
beetles sites SA regions¹ family position on host plant
*Eucalyptus petraea21SL
Legendbeetlescount of beetles collected from, or sighted on, host plant taxon
sitescount of major sites (unique 10 km grid cells +/- some distinct approximate localities)
*indicates alien (non-native) plant occurrences, either wild or planted (the species may be alien in SA, or native in parts of its SA range)
Plant family
Code beetles % host plant taxa
Position on adult host
on dead foliage21
Lure affinity
colour beetles sites SA regions¹
white263GT, SE
light pink212GT, SE
blue42GT, EP
¹ LegendregionsSA State Herbarium regions (map)
EA: Eastern, EP: Eyre Peninsula, FR: Flinders Ranges, GT: Gairdner-Torrens, KI: Kangaroo Island, LE: Lake Eyre, MU: Murray, NL: Northern Lofty, NU: Nullarbor, NW: North-Western, SE: South-Eastern, SL: Southern Lofty, YP: Yorke Peninsula
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