Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
Synechocera albohirta   (Carter, 1921)
subfamily  Agrilinae » tribe  Coraebini » subtribe  Synechocerina
Synechocera albohirta  Distinctive features

Dark grey-black with a brassy sheen, smaller and much shorter than S. deplana and S. setosa, well covered with hairs dorsally which are slightly thicker and less adpressed than in S. setosa, head slightly constricted at base, elytra noticeably narrower before the middle and widest before the apex.


I have tentatively assigned a single SA specimen as this species, based on the descriptions and key of Bellamy 1987. This very small individual, only 3.05 mm long, was collected from a pitfall trap on Serpentine Lakes near the WA border during the September 2017 Great Victoria Desert Bush Blitz survey, and was originally determined as S. setosa.

Synehocera albohirta appears to be only known with certainty by the type collection from the Kimberley district in WA. Bellamy 1987 tentatively identified a specimen from Mareeba in Qld as being 'nearest to S. albohirta' (after having returned the types) and raised the possibility of it being 'a true transcontinental species'.

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