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Gunniopsis sp. Old Peak (TST1063)
Oodnadatta Pigface
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Gunniopsis from the genus Gunnia, named after Ronald Campbell Gunn (1808-1881), a Tasmanian botanist, and from the Greek 'opsis', meaning resembling, alluding to the resemblance of this genus to the genus Gunnia.

Distribution and status

Herbarium region: Lake Eyre
NRM region: South Australian Arid Lands
AVH map: SA distribution map (external link)

Plant description

Fruits are brown capsule. Seeds are small light brown tear-drop shaped seed to 0.5 mm long and 0.4 mm wide, covered with round tubercules on the broader end. Seed embryo type is peripheral.

Seed collection and propagation

Collect seeds between October and December. Pick mature capsules when they turn a straw colour and contain hard dark seeds. Place the capsules in a tray and leave to dry for at least a week. Then rub the dried capsules to dislodge the seeds. Use a sieve to separate the unwanted material. Store the seeds with a desiccant such as dried silica beads or dry rice, in an air tight container in a cool and dry place. From one collection, the seed viability was high, at 100%.