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South Australia
Cotula coronopifolia (∗)
Button Weed

Botanical art

Kath Alcock paintings: 3.


Greek 'cotyle' small cup and Latin 'corona' crown, 'pous' foot, having leaves like Coronopus

Distribution and status

Grows as an emergent aquatic in fresh and saline water at the edges of pools and streams, and as smaller plants on marshy ground Native
Herbarium regions: Lake Eyre, Flinders Ranges, Eastern, Eyre Peninsula, Northern Lofty, Murray, Yorke Peninsula, Southern Lofty, Kangaroo Island, South Eastern
NRM regions: Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Northern and Yorke, South Australian Arid Lands, South Australian Murray-Darling Basin, South East
AVH map: SA distribution map (external link)

Plant description

Spreading perennial to 60 cm high forming dense mats. Leaves linear to oblong, sheathing at the base, mostly pinnatifid with entire subacute lobes, 1-8 cm long, glabrous, somewhat fleshy. Capitula 8-12 mm in diameter, outer florets 1-seriate, lacking corollas, inner florets yellow. Flowering July - November. Fruits are achenes 1.5–2 mm long; outer strongly flattened, densely glandular-hairy, winged; inner ± flattened, sparsely glandular, with narrow marginal ridges