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Drosera finlaysoniana
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Drosera from the Greek 'droseros' meaning dewy, alluding to the glistening hairs of the glandular leaf laminae. The name finlaysoniana was initially attached to a Herbarium specimen from Vietnam, without a description, by Wallich in 1828.

Distribution and status

Found in the northern part of South Australia, growing in seasonally damp or inundated areas or along watercourses. Also found in all mainland states. Native. Common in South Australia. Rare in Victoria. Common in the other States.
Herbarium regions: North Western, Lake Eyre
NRM regions: Alinytjara Wilurara, South Australian Arid Lands
AVH map: SA distribution map (external link)

Plant description

Annual herb with fibrous roots; simple stems, to 50 cm long, often lax, green to red, pubescent to glandular-hairy. Leaves on stem; scattered, narrowly linear, acute, to 100 mm long and 6 mm wide gradually narrowed to a glabrous petiole. Inflorescences terminal, glandular, 3–25-flowered; sepals lanceolate to narrowly oblong, entire to serrulate, glandular; petals cuneate-obovate, pink, orange to white. Flowering between April and August. Fruits are brown ovoid capsule to 3.5 mm long, erect to spreading. Seeds are black ovoid seed to 0.5 mm long and 0.3 mm wide, with a mesh-like surface

Seed collection and propagation

Collect seeds between July and September. Collect mature capsules, those that are fat, hard, turning brown and contain black seeds inside. Place the capsules in a tray and leave to dry for one to two weeks. Then rub the capsules gently by hand to dislodge the seeds. Use a sieve to separate the unwanted material. Store the seeds with a desiccant such as dried silica beads or dry rice, in an air tight container in a cool and dry place. From one collection, the seed viability was high, at 95%.

Seeds stored:
LocationNo. of seeds
(weight grams)
of plants
Collection number
Collection location
% ViabilityStorage
BGA51,000 (1.51 g)3011-Aug-2010TST945
Lake Eyre
BGA217,000 (4.35 g)60+18-Aug-2011DJD2209
Lake Eyre
BGA27,000 (0.53 g)200+11-Feb-2013KHB835
Southern Lofty
24-Mar-201590%+5°C, -18°C
BGA24,400 (1.27 g)1-Sep-2016DJD3398
Lake Eyre
Location: BGA — the seeds are stored at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, MSB — the seeds are stored at the Millennium Seed Bank, Kew, England.
Number of plants: This is the number of plants from which the seeds were collected.
Collection location: The Herbarium of South Australia's region name.
% Viability: Percentage of filled healthy seeds determined by a cut test or x-ray.
Germination table: