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Acacia pteraneura
Broad-winged Mulga
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Acacia from the Greek 'akakia' and derived from 'ake' or 'akis 'meaning a sharp point or thorn and 'akazo' meaning to sharpen. Dioscorides, the Greek physician and botanist used the word in the 1st century AD for the Egyptian thorn tree, Acacia Arabica. Pteraneura from the Greek 'pteron' meaning a wing, referring to the very brown wing on the pod of this specioes and 'aneura' from the Greek 'a' meaning not or without and 'neuron' meaning a nerve, referring to the obscure veins on the phyllodes.

Distribution and status

Found in the northern part of South Australia, growing stony plains and low rocky hills. Also found in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
Herbarium region: Lake Eyre
NRM region: South Australian Arid Lands
AVH map: SA distribution map (external link)

Seed collection and propagation

Collect seeds between September and November.