Plants of
South Australia

Family:  Stylidiaceae  14 species.( )

Scientific NameImages
Common name: OFFby species
Levenhookia dubia
Hairy Stylewort
Levenhookia pusilla
Midget Stylewort
Levenhookia sonderi
Slender Stylewort
Levenhookia stipitata
Stylidium armeria ssp. armeria
Grass Trigger-plant
Stylidium beaugleholei
Beauglehole's Trigger-plant
Stylidium calcaratum
Book Trigger-plant
Stylidium desertorum
Stylidium despectum
Hundreds And Thousands
Stylidium ecorne
Stylidium graminifolium
Grass Trigger-plant
Stylidium inaequipetalum
Stylidium perpusillum
Slender Trigger-plant
Stylidium tepperianum
Kangaroo Island Trigger-plant