Plants of
South Australia

Family:  Convolvulaceae  40 species.( )

Scientific NameImages
Common name: OFFby species
Bonamia deserticola
Bonamia erecta
Erect Bonamia
Bonamia media
Calystegia sepium
Greater Bindweed
Calystegia silvatica ssp. silvatica (*)
Greater Bindweed
Convolvulus angustissimus
    ssp. angustissimus
Pink Bindweed
Convolvulus angustissimus ssp. fililobus
Convolvulus angustissimus
    ssp. peninsularum
Narrow-lobe Bindweed
Convolvulus arvensis (*)
Common Bindweed
Convolvulus clementii
Desert Bindweed
Convolvulus crispifolius
Native Bindweed
Convolvulus eyreanus
Eyre's Bindweed
Convolvulus microsepalus
Small-flower Bindweed
Convolvulus recurvatus
    ssp. nullarborensis
Convolvulus recurvatus ssp. recurvatus
Pink Bindweed
Convolvulus remotus
Grassy Bindweed
Convolvulus tedmoorei
Giant Convolvulus
Cressa australis
Cuscuta campestris (*)
Field Dodder
Cuscuta epithymum (*)
Common Dodder
Cuscuta planiflora (*)
Small-seed Alfalfa-dodder
Cuscuta suaveolens (*)
Fringed Dodder
Cuscuta tasmanica
Golden Dodder
Cuscuta victoriana
The Queen's Dodder
Dichondra repens
Tom Thumb
Evolvulus alsinoides var. decumbens
Tropical Speedwell
Evolvulus alsinoides var. villosicalyx
Shaggy Speedwell
Ipomoea cairica (*)
Ipomoea carnea ssp. fistulosa (*)
Ipomoea diamantinensis
Desert Cow-vine
Ipomoea indica (*)
Blue Morning-glory
Ipomoea lonchophylla
Common Cow-vine
Ipomoea muelleri
Native Morning-glory
Ipomoea pandurata (*)
Ipomoea polymorpha
Silky Cow-vine
Ipomoea racemigera
Inland Bell-vine
Merremia dissecta (*)
Wilsonia backhousei
Narrow-leaf Wilsonia
Wilsonia humilis
Silky Wilsonia
Wilsonia rotundifolia
Round-leaf Wilsonia