Buprestidae of South Australia
( Jewel beetles )
by Peter J. Lang
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Specific evidence for host plant associations can be derived from the counts against different host species and life stages, and also from individual images shown on the beetle species pages (but avoid using those on the host plant pages for this purpose). On the beetle species pages, images of specimens designated as being in, from or on a particular host plant indicate a natural occurrence, but where the host is undesignated this is not necessarily the case, and those designated as shown on or with the qualifier ‘(for photo)’ have usually been placed on a plant for photographic purposes.

Subject to the above provisos, appropriate images documenting a host association can be reported and referenced using the Buprestid voucher numbers (mostly prefixed by ‘PL’) and the host plant voucher numbers (mostly prefixed by PJL) when these are provided in the pop-up label (appears when hovering the mouse over a thumbnail image) or in the captions of images opened up in the on-page viewer.

It is intended that the ultimate repository for most of the ‘PL’ Buprestid specimens will be the SA Museum (SAMA). The ‘PJL’ plant vouchers have already been lodged at the State Herbarium of SA (AD), although there are likely to be delays before collection details become available digitally.


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